Pakistan Cables — A Journey Through Time

In 1953, as a six year old nation struggled to develop its economy, the late chairman of Pakistan Cables, Mr. Amir S. Chinoy, invested in that economy with the pioneering establishment of Pakistan Cables Limited. The journey that followed was one of excellence, innovation and deep-seated patriotism, providing many firsts in the history of Pakistan, and always leading from the front.

After firmly establishing their position as the market leader in the late 1950s, Pakistan Cables did not stop to rest on its laurels, and instead drove head on into previously unexplored territories. The 1960s proved to be a decade of innovation as general wiring cables with PVC insulation were introduced for the first time in Pakistan. Cementing that, Pakistan’s first factory for LV armored cables up to 3.3KV was set up along with the installation of an aluminum rod extrusion plant.

While continuing to grow on a yearly basis, Pakistan Cables never compromised on giving back to the land on which it was built and in the 1970s, worked on several public projects, the most important of which was the manufacturing of field communication cables used by the Pakistan Armed Forces. Efforts such as these, along with continuous success in the market propelled Pakistan Cables into the Top 25 Companies on the Karachi Stock Exchange; the late chairman Mr. Chinoy’s vision had now truly become a reality.

In the 1980s, as Pakistan grew, so did its number one cable manufacturer. Once again making it to the Top 25 companies on the Karachi Stock Exchange in 1980, the following years would provide even more awards to the company, symbolizing their success in terms of product quality and safety. In 1982, the company received the Corporate Excellence Award from the Management Association of Pakistan, a highly prestigious title, awarded to the six best managed companies in the country. Awards and titles like these did nothing to deter Pakistan Cables’ commitment towards innovation and growth, an attitude mirroring the humility of the late chairman himself. The very next year, they launched MV XLPE cables to be supplied to KESC, another of the many firsts that the company had hit and would keep on hitting in the future.

The 1990s are often referred to as the glorious years for Pakistan. It was an era of economic liberalization, of pioneering military developments and of reaching the pinnacle of the sporting world with the Cricket World Cup coming home. The advancements made in this era by Pakistan Cables also resulted in a few glorious moments of their own. In 1996, a state of the art Outokumpu plant was set up to manufacture high conductivity, oxygen-free copper rods. In 1997, Pakistan Cables became the first cable manufacturing company to receive ISO 9002 certification, consolidating their resolve and commitment to quality and safety. A year later, they were awarded the Achievement Award for Outstanding Performance by the President of Pakistan.

The new millennium ushered in an even greater era for Pakistan Cables. With the introduction of LV XLPE cables fully tested by KEMA Holland for the first time in Pakistan, the innovative edge continued to grow, but it was the response from the market that heavily emphasized just how far the company had come. Achieving net sales of over Rs. 1 billion in 2004, this figure continued to grow proportionally over the next three years, leading to net sales of over Rs. 4 billion in 2007. Their influence and unparalleled penetration into the market was recognized as they received the “Brands of the Year” award in 2007, repeating the feat by winning the award again the following year. But that was not the only award they would win in 2008 as they also receive the Best Corporate Report Award, winning it again in 2012 as well. In 2010, Pakistan Cables firmly cemented itself on the global map, announcing a partnership with General Cable Corporation, a fortune 500 company and global leader in cable manufacturing, Pakistan’s top company, was now about to take on the world.

It has been 63 years since Mr. Amir S. Chinoy founded Pakistan Cables, a company almost as old as the country itself. In these 63 years, what has set Pakistan Cables apart and made them the number one cable manufacturer in the country is their commitment to their country and their customers. After all these years of growth, of ground breaking innovations, of giving back to the country and of serving their customers in the right manner, Pakistan Cables have firmly established that they are trusted not to compromise.