Independence Day With Pakistan’s Heroes

This Independence Day, we at Pakistan Cables carried out a digital media campaign in which we highlighted Pakistanis who were Trusted Not to Compromise on Pakistan. The insight behind this campaign was that along with highlighting and honoring the achievements of these esteemed individuals, we also wanted share the profile of individuals who inspire us at Pakistan Cables in our pursuit of excellence.
We take inspiration from the tireless efforts of Mohammad Ali Jinnah and the influential poetic artworks of Dr. Allama Mohammad Iqbal. From the compassionate companionship of Madar — e -Millat, Mohtarma Fatima Ali Jinnah to the patriotic services of Shaheed — e — Millat, Liaqat Ali Khan.
In Faiz Ahmed Faiz we see a revolutionary poet who challenged the status-quo through his poetry. The unmatchable musical renditions that Shehenshah — e — Qawwaali, Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan has bestowed upon this nation and to the rest of the world is an eternal treasure that has no match. In the humble humanitarians like Abdul Sattar Edhi, thousands of helpless Pakistanis found a father figure who ensured their needs were always met.
The honourable Dr Adib ul Hasan Rizvi who has made sure that the underprivileged Pakistanis never had to suffer alone in times of needing medical treatment. In sport champions like Jehangir Khan, whose dedication and self-belief took him to unimaginable heights in international sports. We honour, Shaheed Tahira Qazi whose motherly instincts did not allow her to abandon her students in time of dire distress.
These personalities are just a few of many legendary Pakistanis who did not and do not compromise on their principles in challenging times. They do not compromise on their nation and with their hard work make us all very proud. We at Pakistan Cables salute these honorable people and thank them for their service to the nation; and for being an inspiration to us at Pakistan Cables. Here is our tribute to all in our video!