Youngbok Hong

Thank you Tera! Your post was very uplifting to read. It is quite amazing the mosaic of perspectives that individualism brings to not only our project, but to life in general. Sugar Ray Leonard brought a piece of himself into your life, making your life richer, and then you shared his gift or life perspective making our lives richer.

Each week I am amazed at the diverging and converging process within Simplex. When we diverge, we encourage our individualistic viewpoints, but when we converge we are seeking collectivism within the group. To move from individualism to collectivism within a group requires patience, understanding, compromise and respect. Thankfully, our group has an abundance of all these characteristics.

I especially appreciated your passionate plea to learn from each individual we meet. Many times we approach others with assumptions about what we will hear. We assume to know another person’s journey. Our life mosaic would be so much deeper and richer if we approached all individuals with the attitude of a humble learner, opening our hearts and minds to listen to another’s experience.

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