5 Questions To Ask Before You Hire A Creative Design Agency

Sam Fairbrother
Apr 5 · 3 min read
Hire Creative Design Agency

Building and maintaining your brand’s identity and reputation can be tough, and some of the most iconic brands have fallen victim to choosing the wrong branding partner which led to their fall. If you have decided to partner with a creative agency for your branding and reputation management, here are a few questions you should ask before you hire them.

Flexible with iterations

Marketing and branding campaigns involve a lot of brainstorming, work — and re-work, your creative partner should be open to feedback and flexible to make iterations until you get that final masterpiece. You cannot work with an agency that forces you to pick the mediocre design just because they do not make changes to their work. Make sure you ask the agency about the iterations and billing for those reworks before you sign the dotted line.

Dedicated Teams

Your campaign launch date has been changed four times, and why? There is no designer or copywriter available to make changes to your collaterals at the agency’s end. A delay in the launch, the lake of rapport with the designers, and the need to fight for time with the creative person, is painful and might get you compromised the quality of work. So, make sure that the agency you pick has dedicated teams assigned to your project, who would work in-line with your existing team, priorities, and ideas.

Realistic Turnaround Time

Creativity takes time, but then, your brand doesn’t have forever to spend on each of the campaigns. Fighting to get the designs and branding in place should be the last of your concern while dealing with an agency. So, talk out to deliverable’s, the duration for each project, and the turnaround time for iterations if any.

Reputed and Related Clientele

It is no secret that all of us want to work with reputed agencies, so go on and ask about their clients and how the agency helped build the reputation of the brand. This will give us an insight into the results that they would bring to your brand.


Hiring a different agency for each service might not just turn out to be expensive, it would also be a time-consuming and stressful task. So, it is important that you pick a team that has its expertise in various areas of work and can give you a whole bucket of offerings. To know if they could deliver on all that they promise, ask for their past work references, talk to the team, and get to know them better

iMediaBay is a creative agency, launched in 2017 and based in San Jose and offer uber quick turnarounds through a strong network of global designers with dedicated Art Directors with unlimited revisions but pay for only the final selection, super fast creative. Some of the design services includes

User Experience: Website Design, UI/UX, Mobile App Interface

Ad Creatives: Playable Ads, Static/ Banner Ads, Cinematograph, Live Ads, Video Ads, Live shoot

Branding &Communication: Presentations, Logos, Digital assets, Brand Guidelines and more

iMediaBay — Best Creative Design Agency USA

Hope these tips help you make the right decision while picking an agency.

iMediaBay — Creative Design Agency

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