Do Judge A Product By Its ‘Cover’

While the outside packaging of most technology products are cluttered with specs, features and technical standards, Apple’s white colored solid cardboard ipad box packaging is clean with a full scale size picture of the ipad on its face, period. The ipad box or casing slides of like velvet. The main ipad sits gently nuzzled into its core space and the accompanying accessories are tucked away beneath the ipad, creating a clean, aesthetic looking, and intuitive feel to the whole unboxing experience. This ‘less is

Contents which are normally been packed in ipad box:

Apple ipad, ofcourse which ever version you must have bought.

Apple dock connector to USB cable.

10W USB power adapter which varies depending on the countries and their manufacturer packing policies.

Apple documentations which contains a small booklet, user-friendly guide, warranty card

Boxes are the silent ambassador for any brand

Apple is known for paying close attention to the packaging of its iMac’s boxes, and while other computer makers have improved their own boxes quite a bit in the last few years, new Apple iMac’s boxes are still noteworthy enough for a picture tour.

The first thing you’ll notice is that the new apple iMac’s box is thinner than the old one, but not quite in the way you’d think. The old apple iMac box was perfectly rectangular, but the new apple iMac box is trapezoidal, with a wider base and narrower top. This seems like it would make the computers difficult to stack up if you’ve got a lot of them. Cut the tape and open the lid and you’ll be greeted with a Styrofoam block that both protects the top half of the computer and houses most of the accessories.

The Styrofoam in the bottom of the apple iMac box is also a bit different than it was before. Previously, there were two big chunks of foam that grabbed at the base of the iMacs and didn’t want to let you pull it out of the box; now, you can easily lift the iMac off of the Styrofoam bases and then pull the remaining foam off from the left and right.

Older iMacs would need to be yanked upward out of their boxes at this point, an annoying process especially for the large, heavy 27-inch models. Not so anymore: the new apple iMac’s box has a front face that falls completely open.

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