I’m happy to hear that you find it useful Mike. I’ve seen the first issue a couple of times but I haven’t seen it since I updated my Android Studio to 3.3.1. Removing the .idea folder of my project and reopening it usually fixes it.

I haven’t seen anything similar to the second issue that you mention. We use composite builds to run integration tests on feature branches before we release a final version of our libraries. If composite builds were failing I would know by now :D. Probably there is something on your build that is triggering this issue. I recommend you to create a ticket here https://issuetracker.google.com/issues/new?component=192708&template=840533 . That would help the JetBrains team track the issue and provide better support for Composite Builds. Sorry, I can’t offer more help.

Carlos Palacin Rubio

Written by

Android Developer @ Airbnb

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