Lead Generation Through Instagram- Tricks You Must Know

Instagram is the best social media platform for attracting people to your product and turning them to leads. Did you know it has 15 times higher engagement than Facebook and 40 times higher than Twitter?

People using Instagram for business understand the value of their loyal following on Instagram. But how can you turn your followers to leads?

Here are tips and tricks to get the desired number of leads from Instagram:

Say No to Promote Button

You find it quick and easy to click on the “Promote” button so that your post reaches out to more audience. However, promoting your product or services within the Instagram app doesn’t give you the results you want!

What can be a better option? Use the Facebook Ad Manager for better targeting and segmentation can help you achieve your goal of better engagement and getting leads through your post.

Install Facebook Pixel to improve the quality of leads through Instagram ads. Creating a custom audience on the Facebook Ad manager helps your ads to retarget people who visited your site or viewed your products.

Apply the 80–20 Rule

Audiences on any social media platform visit the platform for entertainment! Giving them entertaining and useful content will bring more audience or keep your existing audience engaged. Keeping in mind the 80–20 rule can benefit you the most.

What is 80–20 rule? This rule gives you an idea of how your content on social media should look like. Post 80% informational, relevant and useful content or pictures on Instagram and 20% self-promotional posts.

This helps you grow a relationship with your audience and then introduce or encourage them to buy your product or service.

Post Authentic Content Regularly

You must post regularly to keep your followers or potential leads attracted to your Instagram profile. Plan a post each day or engage with your followers by replying to their comments or messages.

Stories and LIVE feature on Instagram help you interact with people who follow you. This keeps them updated and engaged to your account. What to consider when going LIVE on Instagram:

· Pin the topic in the comment so that anyone who joins late knows what you’re discussing.

· Ask questions and ask people to respond in the comments to engage your viewers

· Respond to people putting up questions in the comments all through the LIVE session.

· End your session by mentioning about the next session or any necessary call to action such as for videos related to the product, visit XYZ account on Instagram.

When should you post? People are generally active on social media before and after work. Thus, posting before 9 am and after 5 pm brings the post to your audience’s notice. Don’t limit yourself to photos, using videos can help you too!

Use Catchy Images and Videos for Engagement


Do you know 64% of total customers purchase a product after watching the video about it? Videos have less engagement as compared to photos but have higher chances of going viral on Instagram. Adding videos related to your product or service makes it easier to turn viewers into leads.

If you wish to use images to engage your audience, you must keep in mind the following:

· Don’t add your logo to all the images

· Adding too much text makes the image less attractive

· Promote your product by using images of customers who have already taken or bought your service or product.

· Post images of your product without spamming your audience with “Buy Me” captions

· Add a short and appropriate caption to the image

· Include call to action in the caption to drive traffic and leads

· Geotagging is necessary to attract people near you

· Tag brands or people to reach out to more audience

Use Relevant Hashtags and Avoid Shadow Ban

Adding hashtags to your posts on Instagram makes your post discoverable! Think of them as keywords for which your post must rank.

Using a few relevant and important hashtags for your post makes it reachable to many users. Relevant hashtags let your post stick on top for long.

Analyze the best and related hashtags or create new ones for your post before posting on Instagram.

Using mass hashtags on your post can shadowban you from Instagram. This will decrease the engagement on your posts. It is necessary to avoid Shadow Ban.

How do you know you have been shadow banned? You can know it when the number of likes on your post decrease. This concludes your post is not reaching your target audience.

Gain not just followers or likes but gain buyer audiences or business from Instagram. It is an innovative platform to attract audiences interested in what you offer! Get set go for effective posting on Instagram with these tips.