Side income streams which seem to be tiny but can surely help you in financing your next holiday trip.

  • ebooks: I am surely going to try this thing on next weekend. I have researched a lot about this. There are many people who are creating low content ebooks & earning through it. Do search for details about this.
  • Video Editing: Given a lot of social media platforms have increased the reach of video based content, everyone is now trying to post more of video based content. But not everyone is so much skilled or have time to edit videos in descent manner. So yes, you can surely earn some good amount for your 2–3 hrs work.
  • Podcast Editing: Podcasts are in vogue these days. Infact there are rumours that podcast is going to stay for atleast 4–5 years. And this actually gives you a great opportunity to earn some good amount through editing the podcasts for companies, influencers & a lot more people who are willing to take podcasting in a professional manner.
  • Canva designs: I am part of a hustler group & there I see a lot of people looking for canva designers. The tasks they assign to them doesn’t require a lot of effort. Infact time taken to complete such jobs is also less. Plus, it is not difficult to design on this platform. You can surely learn in sometime & infact you can provide minimal design even with bare minimum prior knowledge.
  • Course creation: Many people want to create their courses & have descent following too. But such are people are generally occupied with more than one side hustle/job. So this course creation/editing looks really hard to them. They do not want to invest time in this thing. So they hire someone to set up their course, edit it & other related stuff. You can surely give this a try & earn a descent amount.

Make sure you atleast pick one of the above & give it a try. I am sure that you’ll earn some descent amount. I will keep bringing more information about these & other options which can be taken up.




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Palak Ahuja

Palak Ahuja

Reader | Learner

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