What can you Expect from a Gourmet Chinese Restaurant of a Luxury Hotel?

The hospitality industry in India has undergone a sea change, especially in the past few years. With the openings of various luxury hotels in India, it has become a popular destination for MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conference, and Exhibitions) tourism. Today, more and more luxury hotels are experimenting with foreign cuisines to suit the palate of foreign guests. The in-house restaurants of luxury hotels are offering guests with a choice of Mediterranean, European and Oriental cuisines. Hence, if you are thinking about trying out exclusive Chinese dishes, then you could consider booking a table in a restaurant of a luxury hotel which serves Chinese cuisine. However, before you book a table, you need to understand the cuisine and evaluate whether it suits your palate. Some of the basic features of the Chinese cuisine have been discussed below.

Understanding the Chinese Cuisine

If you visit the Best Chinese Restaurant New Delhi, you will find that the Chinese dishes served here have been tweaked to suit the Indian palate. In other words, the dishes will definitely be inspired by the Chinese cuisine, but certain changes will be made to the dishes to make it slightly Indian in taste. Some of the common ingredients used to make Chinese dishes are Hoisin sauce, Black bean and garlic sauce, soy sauce, and ginger. Additionally, use of fresh vegetables, seafood, and meats are absolutely essential to make Chinese dishes. Bean curd and Tofu are often used in the Chinese dishes and consumed, especially by health conscious individuals. Thus, sauces and fresh produce are the two most important factors of the Chinese cuisine. Some of the services that you can expect on visiting an exclusive Chinese restaurant have been discussed below.

Services Provided by High-End Chinese Restaurant

When you book a table at a high-end Chinese restaurant, you are not only expecting exquisite food, but also a perfect ambience to enjoy a relaxed evening with your friends and family. Some of the services provided by high-end Chinese restaurants are as follows:

  • Usually, high-end Chinese restaurants are spacious with a seating capacity of more than one hundred guests. You can also choose to book a private dining room or an indoor dining room. These rooms ensure complete privacy and you can consider booking one such room, especially if you are throwing a dinner party for your friends and family.
  • The wines served in such restaurants will also be exquisite and complement the food served, perfectly. You can ask the attendant serving food and wine to help you select a suitable wine which will complement the food that you have ordered.

Hence, if you want to enjoy a perfect evening with your family while enjoying an exquisite Chinese food, then consider booking a table in an in-house Chinese restaurant of a renowned luxury hotel. After that, all you need to do is order the dishes that you would like to taste, and relax and enjoy the evening with your friends and family.