Please Take Your Vacation Days, Millennial Women
Megan Reynolds

  1. As someone who became a sole single parent for my daughter as she turned two and a half, I can tell you that, especially if you are female, once children enter your life, you will have no choice — you WILL need to take days off. So if they aren’t there yet, or even if it’s a never thing, you’d best take a few off now in terms of self-care, if nothing else, and to make it an occasional habit.
  2. My employer has been legally challenged three times (that I know of) regarding salaries and raises in salaries for women versus men. At least on two of those occasions, my employer did interviews and studies and discovered that both male and female managers were often, without realizing it, giving raises at least in part in terms of who they saw in the office after hours. That this has happened at least twice, once after serious, visible steps were taken to correct it, makes me wonder if there’s a double standard in play regarding who benefits from this.