When There Isn’t Enough Tax Revenue to Cover Basic Public Services
Nicole Dieker

  1. Douglas County, especially between Roseburg and Grant’s Pass, has had a strong anti-establishment attitude for decades. In the 1970s, noted hippie, neo-Nazi and violently misandrist lesbian communities were founded there, along with all sorts of gatherings in-between. In the 2000s, it had a few unique “churches” established as well.
  2. We have run into the similar problem of timber sales no longer available to pay for the replacement of some suburban schools in the greater Seattle area. In some places, they’ve adjusted, but in others, not so much, and in some conservative circles, it’s a reason (among many, in their minds) to kill the state’s Growth Management Act.
  3. In some of those same conservative circles, being able to successfully organize to fund basic infrastructure makes them nervous because it means a higher possibility, down the road, of “sneaking a liberal into office.” (Nope, not kidding.) Lewis County in Washington state is notorious for this attitude, and when the few progressives in northeastern Washington state outside of Spokane were able to organize a successful vote to continue funding for public libraries a while back, you would have thought it was The End of Days.
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