Some Companies Are Offering “Financial Wellness Programs” to Employees
Nicole Dieker

We have a wellness incentive program. I would say that general opinions of the results are mixed. We have reasonable monthly fees for the use of our exercise centers, but we also recently closed our largest facility by far for cost reasons. We have annual blood draws and pressure checks to determine our fundamentals and flu shots available either for free or at very reasonable cost (it can vary from year to year), but we also make employees that use tobacco pay extra for their health insurance ( and that includes vaping or snuff), and to add to the latter case, one and only one facility’s employees aren’t subject to that rule. There are other various opportunities with varying levels of success.

My general opinion is that if you want to improve your health, the options exist in our program, but you have to want them and you have to keep yourself focused on accomplishing them. It’s a half leg up, a half full glass.

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