College students complained about a Teacher T about his teaching skills to College Management. They requested management to replace him with another popular Teacher for the same subject.

Student S didn’t know that she can complain about a Teacher in the middle of a semester to College. She thought Management will take care based on Feedback that she gives at end of a semester. But, she has no plans to give bad feedback to him or any other Teacher.

For her, that Teacher is fine. In fact, any teacher is fine. After all, her aim in College is to pass all subjects in each semester and get a degree in Engineering. She didn’t bother to think about her plans after College. Her friends were preparing for GRE, TOEFL, Technical Interviews etc.

In a surprise turn of events, She got a job in an IT firm in Campus interview. She was so happy that she got a job. After the offer, she gained confidence about herself. She didn’t bother to think about her classmates who didn’t get a job or who got a job or who have gone for higher studies.

Congratulations, advices were pouring in all directions. One of the key advices she has got was to be submissive to her Manager - That’s the easiest way to stay in job for longer period of time assuming that she is doing a decent job. She joined that IT firm and was following that advice strictly.

Two years later... an ex-classmate, say Employee E, of her joined her team. She hasn’t interacted much with E during college days. She didn’t even recognise Employee E on E’s first day. E is smart and had her plans to go to USA after the college. But, it didn’t materialise due to her family reasons.

E is one of the first persons to write a complaint about Teacher T. She convinced everybody in the classroom to sign in the complaint paper. E tried to convince S and that’s the only interaction S had with her. But, S refused as she was afraid and clueless. Because of this one reason, E remembers S very well.

S and E started collaborating in their project. They were sitting in adjacent cubicles. A week has gone by. Their manager assigned tasks to each one before the upcoming long weekend by inviting each team member individually to his private closed office. Sometime in the afternoon, E requested S to come to canteen for a coffee. For the first time, S agreed with E.

There was no one in Canteen. It is a rare event in an IT company. Hey, It is a long holiday weekend. Almost everyone left. E picked an extreme corner table. She sat facing the wall. S grabbed a coffee for E and couple of biscuits for herself and she sat on the opposite side of E facing rest of the Canteen.

E started whining about her task and she was asked to work over the long weekend. E could not stop her tears as she had made plans for the long weekend with her boyfriend. Now, she has to cancel everything. She continued to whine about her previous employer, reason for leaving previous job.

S didn’t speak a word. She didn’t even bite her biscuits. No one else opened their heart to S before E. She has no heart to discuss details. She couldn’t understand why she was never asked to work on any holiday over her two year stint.

While walking back to her home from nearest bus stop, she could not stop smiling when she realised that she got a great advice early in her career. But, she didn’t know that E is here with almost double the salary of their Manager and the manager has a crush on E.