About darkness and light


A little bit of darkness, a little bit of light, a golden balance with bright white suns that blind you but also give you that feeling of being reborn; clean, honest and prepared. And those pale moons that look at you from up high with one eye open, either sleepy or just winking at you for something that only you know.Or just because they know you for what you really are.

Looking straight within you, during these nights that you are walking near the sea or hiding below trees or just laying covered under your warm blanket. They can pass through closed doors, through ceilings and fireplaces; whatever it takes so that they can reach the core of everything. In the same absolute and fierce manner that only you can reach the core of yourself, when you’re not blinded by your own suns.

A little bit of darkness and a bit of light, in photos that are old but not black and white. They are merely digital photos of low resolution, dark and fuzzy, like your dreams of late. With the same amount of blurriness of those dreams of the morning that vanish in the light of day. Forgotten photos in envelopes with random names on the outside, that you always come across when you need them the most.


Or it’s just that during these moments of need you are actively looking for them, searching for them. Memories have a way of creating and manifesting themselves. It’s the passing of time that breathes life into them. That’s what memories are in the end. The ability of time to make anything and everything, even if temporarily brand new, to become older, to change, to blur, like these old-new digital photos that although they are not older than a few years they feel like they came back from a distant past.

A bit of darkness, a bit of light, in a mixture that tips the scale on either side, depending on your outlook. Sometimes, when the scale tips too much, many fall on one or the other side, with irreversible and fatal consequences. And even though this doesn’t necessarily mean a physical death, some would still choose it over an emotional one. The type of death that strips you from any joy for anything living, either bright or dark.

In there, in the darkness and the light, in places and nowhere, everything happens, inevitable, with light and shadows, with laugh and tears, with pain or happiness… Not everything bad happens in the darkness and not everything good takes place in the light. Darkness can create just as easily as light can destroy.

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