Inside the Baby’s Mind #1

[in the mind of a baby / series of fiction posts / written under the effects of sleep deprivation]

We’re here. I guess that’s home now. Seems nice. It’s spacious enough for my toys and stuff. I’ve really had enough of the hospital we were in. Too many babies if you ask me, and most of them crying all the time. Nightmare! I can still remember these trolleys with the transparent box on top where they kept us. Seems to me that no man, no matter how small, should have to go through this. And all these people looking at you as they get you down the hall to your mother. Like being in a display! Anyway, it’s over now…

My parents took me home by car, which was really clean — I guess that they had it cleaned especially for the occasion. Dad was driving really slow and carefully apart from the moment when he turned back to look at me and mom yelled “eyes on the road!”. She looks so kind and sweet, but at that moment right there, even I felt a bit scared. Imagine him… Mom and Dad… Should get down on planning which of the two words I will utter first and in which setting. It’s a bit early yet, but you can never be too prepared…

Arriving at our house, I was welcomed by these two fury creatures running around with their tongues sticking out of their mouths. They seem friendly. They call the small one Ruby and the big one Ben. Seems like they’re always curious to smell my butt. Can’t really understand why. I smacked the big one on the nose when no one was looking, to set my boundaries. He didn’t attack. He actually liked it, judging from how much he wiggled his tail after that. I think they’re called “the dogs” if I heard correctly. Not sure if that’s a generic name or really specific for those two.

For the first couple of hours in my new home, I was put into a cradle and mom and dad just sat near me, constantly looking at me- staring if I am to be exact. From time to time one of them left to go and do something but they always came back after a couple of minutes. It seems that my days of privacy are officially over! Although I have to admit that when mom left the room I felt a bit sad till she came back again. My room looks pretty nice and I really wonder why I have to spend most of my time in their bedroom. Mine is more colourful, filled with toys and stuff but I only get to see it when I poo my diapers, which fortunately happens a lot during the day, so I get to spend some time over there as well.

Anyway, seems like we’re on a good start so far. The food is good and on the clock, there’s plenty of room to roam around, seems like I have a set of willing and dedicated parents and a nice ambience. What more can a baby ask for?

More posts to come, here and here