Get out of your echo chamber. Bernie had issues, too.

The knee-jerk, Wednesday morning quarterback version often has one post-mortem statement: “Bernie would have one.”

Initially, I agreed. Instead of swallowing myself in a bubble, I started to seek out other sources to see what kind of skeletons Bernie had.

In a hypothetical match-up between the two populists (It’s safe to call them that, although one of them is a “false populist,” in the sense that he makes you think he has a f**k to give about you), Florida is already off the map. It wouldn’t be a battleground and it’s because of the Latino vote that puts it in Trump’s favor.

Despite the fact that I, among with many other people (see what I did there?), believe Trump wasn’t really just talking about Mexicans when he made his comments about rape and drug running, there’s one big naughty in the Cuban community: You never, ever, ever praise Fidel Castro. Bernie did that.

It doesn’t just stop there, in regards to Bernie’s complex relationships with the Latino community. In the small poor Latino community of Sierra Blanca in Texas, Sanders help sponsor a bill that would ship nuclear waste from Vermont to this poor minority community. Not only did Sanders push this along, he did so while pulling out what is known as the “Wellstone amendment” to the bill, giving this small town legal recourse if they could prove “environmental racism.” When the protestors approached the senator, his response was, “My position is unchanged and you’re not gonna like it.”

Before that, Bernie wrote this essay for an alternative newspaper, in which he described a woman enjoying being raped by three men. It has been explained, but unfortunately, e-mails were also explained and that seemed to still bother 47.2 of the people that voted. In bringing up this “rape essay,” you essentially cancel out any effects from the Access Hollywood video.

While I have no doubts the race might have been closer, it’s now time to pull back our knee jerking idea that Bernie was a “clean candidate.” He wasn’t.

But then again, who really is?