The Bird’s Eye View

This is the first post I am publishing here on Medium. From past 5 years, life has given me immense opportunities to travel, photograph and to live each one of those stories to the fullest essence. But I have always failed to document it in a blog. I was never good with words when I started photography, and I don’t think much has improved since then. But hey, I have to try and see if I could tell some stories. Stories that mattered.

Home is where the paradise is

Ever since I came across this amazing photographer in Instagram who has used his drones to produce perspectives that I have never seen before, I wanted to try them out with my Dji Phantom. And nothing could have made the justice as much as my hometown Hadigal, nestled in the hearts of the Western Ghat forests of India. Hence one of those random weekends, I packed my little flying machine and took off to Hadigal.

And the rest is something I had never imagined.

I have been shooting the night sky from the backyard of my home from last few years, but had never wondered how would it look from the vantage point of a few hundred feet above. And the moment I sent my ‘wonder eye’ Phantom up, I started realizing how breathtakingly beautiful our little hamlet in the middle of the Western Ghats is. And this the first of many aerial photography projects where I would like to show how our planet is sculpted both naturally and by its most dominating species, us humans.

All I know now is that I cannot look at my home the same way like before. I have a new reverence towards everything that has made me what I am today. Towards my beautiful home.