Block on Block. III.

Hello guys, so last week we talked about the attitude of persistence as a virtue necessary in adding Block on Block on the journey to success.

Today we will examine the attitude of making daring moves - taking calculated risks.
The truth is, the size of your dream can actually become a burden so big that you are demoralized and therefore succumb to reducing that dream or even picking another venture (smaller really).

Really, it is no easy to be the one who creates an alternative roadmap for any industry. I am currently reading a book: 'Super Pumped The Battle for Uber' by Mike Isaac and it is a totally intriguing experience. Travis Kalanick co-founder of Uber had to dare an entire transportation industry - a cabal that has kept the traditional method of transportation same for decades.

He was presenting an idea that was foreign. Practically making redundant the folks who did not see the future of the industry. They believe sternly on the 'traditional taxi' method of moving people around town, whereas Kalanick saw a future where any individual can take a day off their '8-4' job and using their car, make extra bucks while also aiding the movement of people.

This totally cuts off the bureaucracy of registering with the transport agencies and departments and also the initial lobbying for slots available in the industry. Now it's open to everyone who owns a car!
As a matter of fact, one character common among successful men is that, at some points in their lives, they have had to make some really daring moves. They've initiated plans people thought were insane. They made proposals that seemed preposterous. They've taken risks others were not ready to face or make. They are not weighed down by the size of their dreams, but see those dreams and the challenges that come with them as a motivation or booster to reaching their end goal.

What is your character and attitude when you are at a crossroad? How do you react when you have planned and proposed a dream with all enthusiasm and present them to people who should encourage or fund that dream and they ended up saying some words that are discouraging? Do you chicken out, or step back and make moves that supercedes your original means of converting your dreams to reality?

Truth is, you are the one who own that dream. There is a popular saying where I come from: "na the person wen dream, know wetin he see" (meaning, it is the man who dreamt that knows what he saw in his dreams).

So when you pitch your dream to prospective sponsors, founders, venture capitalist or family and friends who should encourage, invest or assist in pushing the dream, and they end up rebuffing all you have said, please do not give up. Review all their feedbacks and take your lessons out of them.

Understand that there are more than one means of getting to the river. The market does not have a single road to it. You can actualize that dream by making daring but calculated moves.

Moves that others are scared to take. Maybe they are not really scared, but just that no one has made them in the past, and so the fear of being the first overcomes their mind.

On the flip side, it is possible their concerns are 100% legit; in that case, what is required of you is to make amendments to that plan or proposal and represent it.

Be daring. Be adventurous. Be audacious. Take calculated risks.

Do have a smashing week! 🤗

I call you blessed.

I love you, and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

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