It's Not Too Late to Begin, Again!

Hello friend, this is another post I did in 2018, hopefully it blesses you today.

So, part of my resolve this year is to take care of my body, do exercises, eat balanced meals and eat on time as appropriate.

Truthfully, I had a whole lot of things going on between late last year and entering into the new year, but somehow, I was able to navigate it all. It then occurred to me later last week that I haven't been keeping to my resolves entirely; I haven't even exercised once, and the month was coming to an end.

You see it is very cool to set resolutions entering into a new year; but understand that there are other factors and issues that will arise to stop you from following through. You might have resolved to save a particular sum every month, and as soon as the next income came in, you realise that it is not even enough to take care of your expenses.

Or like me, you might have decided to always exercise, maybe once weekly, or even daily, but somehow the hustle and bustle and some other unforeseen circumstances happened, and up until now you haven't started.

Possibly you might have even decided to start raising block works on your already purchased land, but January expenses has not allowed you to start.

Beloved, consider this a comma! You see, in a sentence, a comma means the statement isn't complete, it is not over. Something else is sure coming up. It is not a full stop! This first month is still running. The year is still fresh! Do not allow the early hassles experienced to make it seem like you have failed already! You can still start now!

So, I encouraged myself and early last week determined to start exercising by the coming week end! But there was a problem: I have not gotten the exercise clothing and shoes and have not even researched what phone application to download to aid me along the way. But come this past Saturday, I took my old exercise clothes and shoes and set out!

Friends, there are times when even after determining to push ahead, some factors will just drain your morale! It might be insufficient funds, or maybe there is no funds at all. It might be a collapsed relationship thereby making your plans for wedding shoot forward! It might even be an Uncle Thomas who has decided to use his mouth to run down your ambitious moves and plans. Or maybe it was an interview or test that you flopped in!

Never allow that be the reason you don't forge ahead! Look inwards! Most of the times, the solution we seek is inside of us. The things you need to push forward might just be under your nose! The person you need to progress may be a contact you have or know, but it has never occurred to you that that person might be of help!

So, look around you, because your solution might just be lying beside you, waiting for you to take action!

And if like me, your body is paining you excruciatingly, because you have not exercised in a long while before, then glory in this, you are making progress! It won't be an easy run, but you will surely succeed, and las las (meaning, at last), you will be alright!

I call you blessed forevermore. No matter how big your plans or projects are, I pray for you that the grace to accomplish them all this year be released unto you now in Jesus name! Amen!

I love you, and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

PS: Thanks for the feedback guys, I truly appreciate them.

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