Taking Necessary Action (RV)?

The story was told of some villages who were experiencing drought. They kept trusting God for rain, month after month, year after year, seasons past and there did not seem any solution closeby. Raining season or dry, they all seem the same - dry!

It was getting unbearable. And let's not even talk about the heat - the sun in Nigeria learns from theirs. Something wasn't right. Who sinned? The leader or the people? Or how else do we explain that rain has not fallen in at least 2 years.

Even the grasses have dried up…

Seasonal Frugality (RV).

In the year 2015 I met a lady. Please calm down, it's not a story about Her Royal Sweetness today. Lol. So this lady who we will call Sister R was a very beautiful young woman and she's quite intelligent too.

So one day we got talking, and she said something that thunderbolted into my heart. I never knew that since we met she has been observing me; how I live, how I spend money, the people I associate with, etc. But of most importance is the way I spend money.

You see, don't blame me; back…

Food or Seed (RV).

While growing up, Daddy had a farm located somewhere in the outskirts of town. Routinely, he will visit the farm to either clear the farmland, dig the ridges, wait for rainfall, plant the seed, consistently visiting to remove weeds so they don't choke the crops, and then it is harvest time.

During every harvest, say yams for example, after digging up the yam tubers, which usually come in different sizes, Daddy would always set some yam tubers aside. …

The Error of Comparison (RV).

While growing up, Adeolu was a quite brilliant chap, he aced his papers with ease; however, he does not fancy Mathematics, it just seems a bit too illogical for him.

His Mum however, who wanted to spur him to greatness in his academics so he can become an engineer kept making reference to another neighbour's son who was very good in Mathematics: "go and see what Idowu had in Mathematics", "why can't you be like Idowu?", "Idowu is better than you in Mathematics", and all sorts!

This my friend, is the beginning of how Adeolu…

The Entitlement Mentality (RV)!

Have you ever felt like you should be treated specially? You might have (or still do feel) like the world revolves around you. Do you have uncles and aunties who you feel should carry all your burdens and provide everything you need and more?

Are you in a relationship and you feel it is the 'responsibility' of your partner to always call? Are you friends with folks who would never pay you a visit but criticize you for not visiting whenever you both meet?

Do you love being on the receiving side at all times …

The Father Figure (RV).

Ben and Bruce have been friends from Primary School till date. During their post teenage period, Ben was the "cool dude", he was quite famous and become very popular on the block. He got involved in some sexual escapades, and somehow a lady got pregnant for him. This experience shattered his life. He left secondary school to cater for the unfortunate lady and their child.

Life became very hard. He was never prepared for this. He cannot marry this lady, as he had hoped to just "bang and jump". But her plan was to tie him…

The Weaver Ant (RV).

Imagine that you are walking on the road, on a street that has some trees by the sides, maybe somewhere in Ikorodu, Lagos. The last time you passed this way, you noticed that the trees had some numerous amount of fruits - although, at that time, they weren't ripe, so you promised yourself you would partake in the harvest.

On this fateful day, you passed by and saw that the fruits were fully ripe and looked pleasing to the eyes! …

Leveraging Yet?

Hi guys. It's so good to be in your eyes again - this means you are reading this post. Lol. Meanwhile, I am considering doing voice notes and/or videos of the weekly post. I am totally not sure how to go about it, and will be grateful if you can help in anyway.

Sometime last year, after the lockdown and work resumed full time, I got so much items on my plate that it became a problem consistently keeping the post running. Combining work, ministry and family was hard.

Physically I was drained, but that is not even…

Pieces Of My Thoughts!

Hello friend, today is already 21st of March, 2021 and as usual, most folks have either entered or are about to enter the pressure trap. This means, so many people would have started asking "what have you achieved for the year?". This question, though not totally out of place, can place some folks under undue pressure; such that, if not properly handled, can go further to pull them into depression.

No matter what happens, never fall for this trap. Understand that everyone has their own map, time and life. Never drive your life-vehicle based on another…

I Laughed at Myself!

Hello fam, I will quickly start by wishing all mothers and would-be-mothers a Happy Mother's Day celebration. We thank you for your continual love and sacrifices, and pray God will bless and keep you all by His mighty Power!

We are still celebrating our third year on this platform where we share experiences, learn new things, unlearn old habits and relearn better ways of achieving greatness.

Sometime last year, I had reason to collate all the articles I did in 2018 and 2019, and I had already discussed with some friends to help me peruse the…

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