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It turns out that going from working at NASA to launching a very popular collagen company may not be as big a step as you think. Today’s guest is Kurt Seidensticker, the founder of Vital Proteins, one of the biggest companies offering collagen products on the market today and we might be their biggest fans. Their grass fed whey and marine collagen products can make a huge difference in the health of your skin and nails and digestion, even your joints, which is great for those of us who work out a lot.

Collagen seems like a miracle product until you really learn more about it and then it makes a lot of sense why it does all of the great things that it does. But in any case, we’re a little bit obsessed with them. We are talking to Kurt today about the company, why collagen is so great, and he teases us with a bunch of new products that he will be showing at Paleo f(x) this year.

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On today’s show we discuss:

  • Kurt’s background and how Vital Proteins was started.
  • How Kurt went from being an aerospace engineer for NASA to starting a protein company.
  • The importance of collagen in our diet, and why we may not be getting enough.
  • How collagen is processed, what it is, and the major health benefits it brings.
  • The differences between the Vital Proteins products.
  • What sets Vital Proteins apart from other protein companies in the marketplace.
  • What a day in Kurt’s life looks like.
  • The new products that Vital Proteins will be showcasing at Paleo f(x).

“When you talk about collagen, you talk about a healthy lifestyle.” — Kurt Seidensticker [0:21:31.1]

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