Hey David nice article.
Roddy Graham

Hi! First of all, thanks for read — and thanks for responding to my thoughts as well. I do remember the Atari ST. Had the 1040 STE and it was a trusty machine I wrote a lot of music on. I started with Eurorack a couple of years ago in the same way you’re describing — to have it as an instrument, just like the rest of the synths that I have. I most often patch a lead instrument or a pad actually. You can do a lot in Reaktor these days and even though Reaktor might be able to do more it’s the hideous interface of using the mouse instead of patching with real cables and your hands.

I rarely craft a whole song on the Eurorack, but it happens and it’s most some ambient, and probably weird, composition.

Are you SoundCloud so I can listen to your adventures?

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