Komplete 7 in Yosemite

Originally penned: 2015-Mar-5.

I’ve been a Native Instruments user for quite some time. Jumped on the train and bought Kontakt 2 and FM7 when they were hot and new. I grew very fond of Kontakt and loved the huge potential it had, so I upgraded to Kontakt 3 and started to learn KSP. Eventually I had both some really nice scripts and enough money to upgrade to Komplete 5. Version 5 was upgraded to 6 and later on to 7. That’s when I found out, the hard way, that Native Instruments’ Komplete product serie is messed up when it comes to customer value.
If you turn to Waves you can buy a bundle and a Waves Update Plan, or WUP, and when Waves releases something new for your bundle you will get that product right away. Natives Instruments does this completely the other way around. You can buy Komplete 7, but you won’t receive any other products when they’re released. You can pay for them but then you have to pay for them again, sort of, when you upgrade from Komplete 7 to Komplete 8 and all the products you’ve bought actually are included in 8. Hence paying twice for the same product in my book. I think Native Instruments should switch approach and do it in the same way Waves is doing this. So that’s why I’m still on Komplete 7 and haven’t upgraded it even though Komplete 10 has been out for over 6 months.

A couple of days ago I got a new MacBook Pro to replace my over 5 years old computer. I dug out the 36 DVD’s of music applications and software instruments and started the enormous installation process.

I had no troubles at all installing the latest version of PreSonus Studio One, the Korg Legacy Collection bundle and a bunch of other plugins. I was actually a bit surprised that Korg had gone through the trouble of updating their whole line of products to 64 bit architecture.

However, when I turned to Native Instruments and tried to install Komplete 7 things went sideways. The installation complained that Komplete 7 failed to start the installation. Native Instruments actually states that Komplete 7 isn’t supported, but stubborn as I can be I think that’s nonsense. A close friend suggested that there might just be a bug in the installation script so I started to examine it.

What the installation script does when it starts is that it checks which version of OS X that is running on the computer. Operating system versions are often two or more integer numbers joined together with a period sign, for example; 10.10. In the decimal world 10.1 and 10.10 are the same but with higher accuracy on the latter. The script is reading the version of OS X in a decimal format and simply doesn’t know that it’s a major and minor version syntax. Just a floating point, or decimal, number.

Komplete 7 file contents

I copied the “Komplete 7 Installed Mac.mpgk” file from the ISO to my desktop because I needed write access to the file. I then used the “Show Package Contents” after right-clicking the file to have a new Finder window popping up.

Context menu after right clicking

Open the “distribution.dist” file in an editor (Smultron in my case) and look for the following line (number 14 if you’re counting) of code:
if(!(system.version.ProductVersion >= ‘10.5’)) {

This is where the installation script breaks since it thinks that ‘10.10’ is less than ‘10.5’. Change this to ‘10.1’ and save the file. Close the Finder window and simply double-click the “Komplete 7 Installer Mac.mpkg” file to start the installation.

Make sure to have the rest of the DVD’s nearby and you’ll be able to install everything without any hassle at all. I started Service Center and applied my codes from my account page on the Native Instruments web site and it all activated just fine.

Installing. Yay!

I’ve tested Massive 1.4.2, Absynth 5.4.2, Kontakt 4.2.4 and Reaktor 5.9.2 in the latest version of Studio One (which is 2.6.5) and it all works just great.

So, there you have it! Happy hacking, editing and installing the applications you’ve paid for.

Now, go and make some great music! Share this post with others if they have trouble with their Komplete installations on newer Mac’s running OS X 10.10 or above.

This was supposed to be my first post in the Swedish #Blogg100 challenge were I’m supposed to blog for 100 days straight, at least one post per day. But I’ve been asked to repost it from my old blog since there seems to be a DNS issue with my own website at the moment. I’m also curious if Native Instruments will be pissed at me for posting this, but I’ve tried to contact them regarding this issue (or bug — it’s frankly just a simple bug) with no luck of hearing back from them. So I solved the bug myself. That’s what I do. I solve things and tell people about it so they can spend their time doing something else.

Edit 2016-Feb-23: You should upgrade to Komplete 10. I’ve done that. Rounds is awesome! :)