Morphestra 2

And while we’re on the topic of updates (I wrote about Cakewalk Z3ta+ 2 here) I’d like to mention my favourite sample content provider, Sample Logic. They’re also on the other side of the free-plugins spectrum. Morphestra 2 will be yours for $499.99 unless you’re swift and picks it up while it’s available for an introductory price — which is $399.99. If you’re the lucky owner of the first version you can get it for $200. And it’s really worth it!

Sample Logic caught my eye (and ears) over 6 years ago with their Synergy library. It opened a world to me and I’ve been using it in almost every production I’ve been a part of since then. I also bought A.I.R. shortly after and it’s right up my alley. Synergy was later upgraded to Synergy X while A.I.R. was upgraded as an Expanded version before they both were discontinued together with The Elements to pave way for the new CinemorphX instrument (also a Kontakt instrument).

The interface

Sample Logic Morphestra 2 Factory Init Preset

While the first version of Morphestra had an .NKI file per preset, Morphestra 2 has only a single .NKI file and handles all the presets inside so it’s behaving more like a separate instrument than actually just being something that lives inside Kontakt.

The sound

Morphestra 2 is a “Morphed Cinematic Orchestra” and is probably best suited from for filmscores or TV series backgrounds, but I’ve found it superbly to fit in both Goa Trance as well as ambient and chill out and most recently, EBM (Electronic Body Music). It just gives the quite hard and dry mixes a deep and dynamic soundscape.

Download and install

Morphestra is a 26 GB download, so have some patience. Using the Continuata application, it will download and unpack the rar archives to your download location. After you’ve linked it with Kontakt you can delete your old Morphestra library since that’s been included in the new version.

I’ll leave it up to you to experience the instrument for yourself, and here’s a teaser to make you even more interested.

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