Suduaya – Unity

(Altar Records, 2013)

Genre: Psychedelic chillout, Ambient.

Purchase at Altar Records page at Bandcamp. Or stream it on Spotify.


  1. Sweetness (featuring Irina Mikahilova)
  2. Silent Awareness
  3. Heartwork (Suduaya Remix)
  4. Unity
  5. 80's Technology (Suduaya Remix)
  6. All Is Full of Light
  7. Voyage (Suduaya Remix)
  8. Empty Your Mind

Playing time: 78 minutes

What I love with the Internet are all the nifty services popping up. A couple of years ago I was a user of Pandora mostly because of their amazing ability to find new artists I’ve never heard of but would like and enjoy to listen to. What you did was that you typed two different artist names and Pandora made a match. I came up with the craziest combinations of artists trying to fool the system but was always amazed by the results rendering my orders of physical albums from Amazon was basically ruining me. Then came Spotify. At first it was a nice service for just listening to a lot of music while being on the run and sometimes having limited amount of space left on my phone. But since a while back they have almost the same “epicness” over finding artists and albums that I might like. This is good, because I’m not the typical listener to the ”Recommended” tab and rarely listens to the ”Top 10 In Your Country”. Surely, I like pop music as well and since growing up in the 1980's I’ve been exposed to a fair share of amazing pop (and synth pop) music. Alphaville, Erasure, Depeche Mode, Culture Club and of course the Pet Shop Boys. Last time I counted I had more than 200 Pet Shop Boys albums, singles, EP’s and live shows in my closet. But I’m one of the typical alternative type of guys and really not that into mainstream of the 2010's.

Being a producer of electronic music; mainly Goa Trance and Italo-Disco/Spacesynth (I know, the weirdest combination) I tend to really like to listen to what fellow artists produce. This is where the ”Discover” tab in Spotify comes to play. After listening through my favourite albums by Ott, Bluetech and the rest Spotify started to give me recommendations of new, or old, music that I haven’t listened to but might like. Recently I’ve started to consume a lot of, to me, new music basically listening to at least one new (again, to me) album every day and liking the ones I fancy to improve Spotify’s algorithm to find me even more new music. And it’s working just great!

One of the albums that I’ve been listening to a lot is Suduaya’s masterpiece titled ”Unity”. I came across it using the Spotify Radio where you listen to one song and tell Spotify to randomly select songs based on the song you’re currently listening to — which is a great way to build that “this is what I like to please keep hitting me with more albums and artists” algorithm.

”Sweetness” which opens up the album with a soothing lead, reminding me of Bluetech’s “The Divine Invasion”, is a 12 minute epos and a wall of sound I just love to get lost in. The rest of the album follows concept apart from “80’s Technology” which is more uptempo than the rest and the album is one amazing musical journey.

If you are in a hurry and only have time to listen to one song of the album, it better be song number 4 bearing the same name as the album, ”Unity”. If you’re not tapping your feet to the rhythm and groove of this song, I fear that all hope will forever be lost ;)

Suduaya, or Louis David Roquefere which his real name is, has with this album inspired me to write more music like this, and one day I might send that demo to Altar Records.

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