Saudi Arabia, Khashoggi, and Deciding to Care

Saudi Arabia has been in hot water lately. Not for their genocidal campaign in Yemen that has left countless thousands dead and millions displaced into lives of famine and disease. Not for their repressive iron-fisted rule that sees women as second-class citizens and has executed those guilty of speaking out against the government. Not even for Mohammad Bin-Salman’s purging of his cabinet and kingdom of those critical of his rule. Saudi Arabia’s latest headline is for their role in the disappearance of a prominent Saudi journalist who in recent years has become more vocally critical of the regime.

Jamal Khashoggi
Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman
Loujain al-Hathloul, one of six women currently imprisoned in Saudi Arabia for activism related to women’s right to drive. [The Associated Press]
Two boys injured in the US-backed Saudi strike on a wedding party in Yemen. [Reuters]
Billboard tribute in Gaza to Ahmed Abu Hussein and Yaser Murtaja, two Palestinian journalists murdered by Israel in April 2018. [Photo by Atia Darwish]
Tarek Ayoub, one of many journalists killed by US forces in Iraq. [Al-Jazeera]
A protest in support of Khashoggi outside the Saudi Consulate. [Chris McGrath/Getty Images]

Palestinian living in California. International Relations graduate with a focus on Middle Eastern history and politics. Lover of sweets to a dangerous extent.

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