This statement right here illustrates just how blind progressives are.
Sapere Aude

I understand your response but you are attempting to put the cart before the horse. One way or the other reform is coming to the American political system Trump is the sign it can’t go much further as it is, the question is whose reform will prevail and ultimately what will be the future trajectory of America. But the immediate challenge is removing Trump from office.

The situation may not be as bleak as you refer there are more than enough Republican Congressional seats that would on the results of these recent near misses swing Democrat. Trump is having an effect both on his base and his opposition and so far his opposition across the country, not just in Republican strongholds, is outstripping his base. And I’m not advocating complacency at all.

No matter how much you hate it at this stage legitimate executive authority is in Trumps hands bar impeachment and trial in the Senate or elected out of office. Armed resistance against a siting president is a sure fire way to wake the still comatose masses against you, and I’m not talking trump’s supporters. Not to mention he has the hard power of the state under his control. I would remind you that the reason the rest of the nation got behind Lincoln was the perception of a challenge to Constitutional authority and legitimacy. If Trump declares himself god/emperor then by all means but unless that happens grin and bare it and bide your time.

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