A Fork In The Road For The Progressive Movement?
Alfonso KC

If from the point of view you are arguing about grass roots campaigning for issues in local communities and states I would agree completely when the enemy is in the Keep you don’t quibble with natural allies.

If however you were considering the question of electing a candidate to office then that can’t be a positive can it? And as for abandoning the Democratic Party at this juncture, when half or is it more of the population didn’t even register a choice as usual. And this catastrophe is gaining peoples attention the last thing you want to do is make it anymore complex than it needs to be, the first goal is simple get trump out, deal with the rest after. There is still the question of who the candidates will be and that should be vigorously debated but in this Republican electoral system with an electoral collage system apportioning votes to sovereign states I do not think it wise to stand uniform liberal candidates everywhere once again number 1 priority dumpster.

As for their plan to open up the political playing field for other players after lol that old fairy tale.

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