The Evil Clown

source; Twitter via CBS News

I think, though still nervous, the world is breathing a sigh of relief. Sure the danger hasn’t passed yet but there is this sense of terminal incompetence of political impotence, more bumbling fool than evil genius. And those tweets, those tweets are the tapes! Where Nixon had tape recordings Dumpy has tweets. How can you not double over laughing at the cluelessness of the man/baby? Self absorbed, unaware, delusional, mired in self inflicted scandal and a poisonous mutual loathing and mistrust of everyone in the Whitehouse, by everyone in the Whitehouse. The sort of dog eat dog survival of the fittest world the big “D” loves. And so we come complete circle and find ourselves back exactly where we were that day he descended down the glitzy escalator to announce his candidacy, how we laughed maybe snorted a gob of snot, rolled our eyes ahh yes innocent times. And then the “D” took us all by surprise showing he had read the people and their mood better than the most astute consultants and pundits Washington money can buy.

Ever wonder maybe ol’ tiny hands isn’t completely batshit crazy and there is a method to his madness. His tweets may sound utterly insane to any sentient being with the capacity to reason but what of his supporters? What of the approximate 38% of people in the USA who still approve of ‘the Clown’? Did they turn against him over; all Mexican illegal immigrants are murderers and rapists, beating the crap out of demonstrators, calling on the Russians to hack the Democrats, insulting a gold star family, pussy gate? What is in these tweets that would make his true believers desert him? Let’s turn that question around is there anything in Dumpsters tweets that may enflame his base, raise emotional feelings of aggrievement, persecution, anger, hatred?

So while the sane brigade ROFL’s on the floor, Dumpy is doing an end run round his opponents and keeping his peeps passionate, engaged and living in a bubble. The same sort of bubble that lead people of the slave states to conclude that Lincoln's election meant those “Yankees are settlen’ to come take ma slaves, better secede before they take ma property” Which by the way, no he didn’t, Lincoln had no such plans. Yep the same sort of paranoid, shame faced bubble that directly lead to the American Civil War is being deliberately cultivated by big “D” in the minds and hearts of his erstwhile torch bearers.

How’s that sense of relief going?