Top Five Phone Functions You Need

Sadly, on my birthday my phone died. It didn’t die exactly, only the touchscreen stopped working, which seems to be quite a problem if you have a smartphone.

Thanks to a short trip to a local phone shop and giving extensive instructions*, I bought a new phone.

1. The Health App
I got a psychic phone, so the first app that started to run is the pedometer. The first question asked was what’s my weight and the promise that I will get control over it. I know that I moved yesterday I moved enough to eat 2.5 eggs. That’s very reassuring. I had only two. On a toast. With full-fat cheese.

2. The Camera
YES. It has two Leica lenses. Should I say more? It’s brilliant. I know.

Did I mention it has even perfect selfie mode? I know, that’s exactly what I needed and wanted and oh…

3. The Finger ID
No need to remember long elaborate 4-digit pins. Use your fingers. Preferably the index finger they suggest, not the thumb I used.

4. The Dual Language Input
Finally. I mean my old iPhone did have Czech keyboard — but it was not really suggesting the right words. Now Huawei enables you to have two languages input — which means it will not get even one of them right.

5. The Sound
Your Bach never sounded so crisp… Or any other music. Not to mention the Youtube video in HD. I love it.

Unfortunately, even after three days, I am still yet to use my phone as a phone, so I can’t comment on the phone-related functions really. It is however really big and heavy, so not sure if it is possible to carry it in a pocket. On the other hand, I could possibly use it to defend myself.

*Could it be small? No apps I don’t use. No Apple.

Disclaimer: I do love my new phone. Mainly because of the camera. And it’s white.