Work Until You No Longer Have to Introduce Yourself

Things will always not go your way, there will be times when things will be difficult, there will be times When you wanted things to be a certain way and they don’t go that way

But i think through the year, i think the one thing that i have learned is to be patient and really believe in yourself, you can have amazing people around telling you different things, some people really believe in your vision and some people wont, some people will also discourage you and say “You know what, Are you sure, you want to do this?”, “Are you sure you want to wait?” why don’t you try something else or do something else?”. But i think it’s important to be what you are and what i wanted to do with my life and for myself, i have been very patient through all of it and i am not someone, i don’t give up easily. The minute you tell me I can’t do something, i will work work much harder to prove not to people but to myself that i can do it. it can be anything.

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