Embedded maker boards for product development

Embedded Boards

if you are planning to use #MakerBoard (processor based) for your #ProductDevelopment, I would suggest considering following six critical parameters before selecting any #EmbeddedBoard for your product development:

#Longevity / Long-term Availability — maker boards do not come with any long-term availability guarantee, that makes it very difficult to choose a maker board and develop a product. If you plan to use #maker board, think about how you can make sure these boards are still available when you start selling your product.

#Warranty — In general, maker boards do not come with any warranty or if at all, it would be one or two months. Want to use a board with no warranty?

#TechnicalSupport — Maker boards rely on community support where open forums are available and developers can ask questions. Can you rely on community support for timely delivery of your project?

#Scalability — Maker boards, most of the time, do not have compatible boards which could be used as a replacement and/or offer different performance so that the developer can choose depending on their requirement. What would you do, once you are done with the development and all of a sudden some request comes in from the market for better performance?

#IndustrialGrade — Makers boards, most of the times, miss the operating temperature information. Moreover, they don’t even do any temperature tests, which makes you wonder about the reliability.

#Flexibility — Most maker boards come as a #SingleBoardComputer and loses flexibility — developers cannot modify anything, they need to use it as it is. They cannot add or remove any interface, they can’t even upgrade the #protections available. Even the enclosures have to be made as per the board form factor and with the same position of the interfaces available on the board.

Do you need a professional Industrial grade embedded platform with longevity, warranty, support, scalability, flexibility?

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