True Feelings

Its been yrs but Really still don’t know what happen wid u everytime,,I only want to know about ur prbs..I only want to be wid u in ur prbs..I know you are facing bad’ve all can say or you can do anything with me.but you should realize what hurts me a lot.I change myself for u.I only need ur attention n time..I know when you are in bad mood you don’t want to talk..but think once how can I leave u alone in worst time..I only want to help u out..I only want to change ur mood.that’s why I behave like a child sometimes..even though I’m also facing worst time of life..I also have lots of prb.I’ve lost my dad..I miss him terribly.. I couldn’t sleep well at night..whole night I think about my dad, I think about us..we’re far apart from each planned first time to meet me on your b’ wanted to spend that day with me..but m sorry I lost my maternal uncle same I’ve to cancel this plan.U became angry with me..I know you were right on that situation but I was not wrong too..sometimes its not in our hand to manage situations..time decides what happen next with us.I had to go lko same time..n you became angry..but trust me it was not pre happened all of sudden..I lost my dad n u asked me for marriage?? I was mentally unfit at that time..I wasn’t able to take decision at that time..I said no in anger mood..I know ur intention was correct, you want to be with me..but time was wrong..after some time I realize my mistake n talk to u..this time m damn serious for us..I want to settle with said,we’ll marry next family knows about u everything..I want u,only u, nothing else..I’ve waited for so I want to be with u for every sec of my life till my last breath..K.A. I’m so sorry..I want u,I need u,I love u a lot.I know u love me too.there’s lot of love behind ur anger.I promise mai sab kuch manage kr lungi tumhara gussa,mood swings everything..our love story is diff from others..itna door hokr bhi humara rishta itna majbut h..we are best frnds too n its the best part of our story..humari life me bhi bura phase aata h PR usse relation aur feelings aur strong ho jati h..You’re mature enough to forgive me for all my know m not mature enough.that’s why galti ho jati h..mai overreact kr deti hu..

Urs na samajh betu😝😝