Important Vastu Tips for Kitchen By Talented Vastu Fengshui Practitioner Pallavi Chhelavda

The kitchen is undeniably the most important parts of a house. It is rightly called the heart and soul of any abode as it is the place where the food for all the family members is prepared that gives them the strength to lead a quality life.
Pallavi Chhelavda, one of the most trusted Vastu Fengshui practitioners from the United States, tells that the kitchen is one area of the house that is highly connected with the flow of positive energy in any dwelling. A lot of thought must be given to the right planning, design and colors of the kitchen to welcome peace and harmony in the life of the dwellers.
Some key Vastu Tips For Kitchen, by Pallavi Chhelavda are given below, which play a major role in bringing positivity and affluence for a family:
• Never construct the kitchen either above or below the Puja room.
• Place your cooking gas appliances towards of the southeastern or the eastern corner of your building.
• If there is an L shaped slab in your kitchen, then place it near the south wall.
• Having the sink or wash basin in the north eastern direction is highly advisable.
• The pot in which you store drinking water and the related utensils ought to be kept in the north eastern direction of the kitchen or towards the northern side.
• The storage spaces for keeping basic needs and other fundamental things like pulses, spices, grains and so on, must be in the southern or western side.
• The doorway of the cooking space ought not be set in any corner. Consider keeping your entryway in the west, north or eastern direction.
• The gas burner should never be kept in the front of the main door of the kitchen.
• Windows should be in the western and eastern bearing of the kitchen.
• An exhaust fan ought to additionally be installed near the window or inside the vents, if there are any, so as to keep it ventilated.
• If you utilize your kitchen for eating purposes also, the dining table ought to be kept on the western or the northwestern side.
• Choose to keep lighter utensils in the northern or the eastern side.
Additionally, Pallavi Chhelavda tells that one of the most vital Vastu tips for homeowners is to have your kitchen cleaned and used utensils washed before going for a sleep every night.

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