With the New Year approaching, this is the time of the year with everyone talking about New Year resolutions. We are talking about exercising regularly, eating healthy, reading frequently, traveling to new places, finishing that one creative project we started and so on. Well, here is something I’d like to share with you all on this year’s resolutions. While everyone is busy making the to-do-list and promising themselves with the change they desperately want to see, I would like to take on a different view on this subject. Focusing our energies and goals on what NOT to do this coming…

It had been a lazy weekend, ogling at my computer screen, looking straight ahead at nothing and that’s when a train of thoughts ran through my mind. Out of the zillion thoughts that sprung up in my mind, I was baffled wondering which thought to entertain. For a moment, everything seemed stagnant, and as I zeroed down to what’s really happening, I heard a few voices in my head.

Time goes by and memories remain..

Well in the midst of my exams, I had this thought, years back too I gave exams, so did everyone else. But there’s a big difference in what was and what is. I think I loved the subjects, the teachers or maybe was always somehow motivated by parents, elders. Today giving my engineering exams, the scenario has changed. Not that I didn’t want to take up engineering or anything of that sort, but something really has changed. We’ve grown up.

Wow…. the word is wow.. One of things I miss the most about my childhood is the awesome cartoons I used to watch as a kid.

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They say in the course of time, People change, we evolve, life goes on.. but what remains with us is the Memories. Feeling this strong rush of nostalgia as I think of my childhood…

Well, today was quite a day, starting from 11th-hour preparation for the presentation to a whole day of project work; I am left exhausted, a bit lost, more or less in some trance.

Its PL time, all engineers know the “essence” of this so-called preparation leave but you all will agree its kind of vacations for us. And for all my Pune University mates, it's not just a vacation, its the time called LIFE. Well, this is my first blog and yes PL is the best time to come up with it. Actually, PL is the time, when you can actually live your dreams. The whole semester sucks out your life and yes those creepy bunch of lectures you attend with teachers who are basically “Dementors”, feed off your happiness and leave you…

Pallavi Deshmukh

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