Does love belong to you?

Haven’t we spent hours understanding and analyzing someone we are attracted to? Haven’t we gone all the way to make them somehow like us, somehow fulfill our fantasy and desires? But after months or years of one sided love moved on. I have reached a stage in life wherein I do not wish to scrutinize every move made the man I am infatuated to.

I am not going to take the burden of finding love. That itself is out of my control. I have been chasing behind love all my life and I have failed miserably but that does not mean that I am not backing off but yes I now leave the burden of finding it on love itself. My job is to keep it once love finds me but the former is beyond me. Even if I want to, I cannot. So I let go of it, if it belongs to me then love will find its way back. I’ll keep my emotional window open at all times, but I let go of the pressure of finding it because I know that one day love will find its way back to me.

Yes may be some days it becomes a little hard to deal with the pressures of life and love but at other times I am fine. Lately I did not like the person I was shaping into and after reading Tuesday’s With Morrie I realized that ego, pride, vanity and anger have nothing to do with happiness, joy, love and life.

Do not take things personally. You might be struggling at home, workplace, in school or in life but you will get through it and you be will glad that you never said anything bad enough to hurt someone else deeply.

In life our ego stops us from enjoying a lot of moments. We let “me” come in between many a things. It does not get you anywhere. It is good to stand up for yourself but it is equally important to understand where the other person is coming from. He/she may not take the time to understand you but you should.

Remember any comments pertaining to your body, height, colour or family does not mean anything. Why? Our body is just a vessel and what matters is the soul. How white and pure your soul is, is what matters at the end of the day. So if tomorrow someone passes a snarky remark about your work ethics or speaks rudely to you unnecessarily or comments on your family, do not let it reach your heart. Do not let such people and their words affect you because they need love more than you. They need your understanding as they are in a state below you although you might not feel like that and yes the ego flares up before your logic and consequently so does anger, hurt and feelings of vengeance but if in that moment you can remove yourself from that situation and ponder about it from a third person’s point of view then you are good from within and to go.

Think about life as a third person. You have been sent to Earth to do something truly amazing but then why do we waste so much time in dealing with the pain and hurt that others give us. Yes maybe you truly loved someone and they broke your heart or maybe you had a dream but it is taking too much time to come true but guess what, you should be grateful for the things you have right now and you can create so much more.

I am not asking you to give up on your dreams, keep working towards them but then your time will come to shine. Plus, when things go beyond your control, let them happen. You keep doing your thing and struggle to find the light even when it is pretty clouded. Remember it is clouded but not dark.