How do I install pallet racking system ?

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Mar 12, 2019 · 5 min read

It Is easy to install Pallet Rack System For that we have to take some of the important things and planing:

  • You can decide what type of pallet rack is useful for you
  • Plan for the storage capacity of yours storage and compare that your pallet rack system is suitable in that storage area
  • And you have a planing and willingness to create according to the planing you can make pallet rack system otherwise there are professionals for the installation of pallet rack system and they are charges as per the your requirements.

I am giving full view of pallet racking system then you decide what type of pallet rack system is worth for it and install the pallet rack system.

Pallet racking:

Pallet racking is one of the type of material handling storage system . wooden Pallet racking or metal pallets racking will allow access to each pallet for easy removal of goods and simple storage monitoring. The pallet rack is constructed so that it uses the storage space effectively, increases the capacity of material storage areas, and contributes to the transparent arrangement of the material and goods to be stored. In General, the pallet rack structure is used for storing of pallets with material directly on the rack’s beam or on its crossbeam. Barrels, rolls of material, and bundles of sheet metal or boards are stored on the specialized crossbeams. Smaller materials that is stored on the decking of the pallet rack’s bay. The decking can be manufactured by the material chipboard in various thicknesses, steel grating, panels, etc. The racking quote is made to the customer using their requirements. It is very common to have single row pallet racking around the perimeter of the warehouse and double row racking in the middle. The passage width between the racks is determined by the type of forklift we are using in the warehouse or storage.

There are different types of racking system based on the place of the industry and the type of the industry and the requirement of the client. Below we can discuss about the different types of wooden pallet ranking systems clearly.

Selective Pallet Rack

This is one of the most common styles of rack system. The cost of this racking system is low, readily available and provides access to every pallet. The down side is that nearly 50% of the facility is dedicated to passage space.

Narrow passage racking system

Narrow passage rack is a variant of selective rack where the passage is narrowed, typically to 60". The passages are accessed by a turret truck. The investment in this racking system is similar to selective rack, the specialized lift trucks are typically more expensive an operational efficiency is reduced because only a single vehicle can access the passage at a time limiting the number of vehicles that can work in the facility at time. Narrow passage racking system can increase warehouse capacity by as much you can you want in your space

Double Deep Rack system

Double deep wooden pallet racking system is another variant of selective rack where two racks are stood back to back and the rear pallet is accessed by a specialized lift truck that extends into the back of the rack. Double Deep Racking system can increase warehouse capacity by as much as based on selective racking passage. Pallets should be stored in pairs with the same product in both the front and back position of the rack. Double deep rack provides a nice increase in density when compared with selective, but requires special equipment and is slower to operate as compare to other racking system.

Pushback Rack system

A pushback rack system can provide from 2–6 deep storages, significantly increasing the density. Wooden Pallets are placed on carts located on a sloped rail system and pushed back by the lift truck operator. When removed, gravity brings the wooden pallets back to the aisle.

Drive In

Drive in one of the rack system of another high density storage option in which the lift truck drives inside the storage rack and places the pallets on load rails. Drive in rack systems can range from 2 all the way up to 20 pallets deep. The systems are relatively inexpensive, but are limited due to lack of selectivity, low productivity and intended to damage.

Two Wide Drive in

Two wide drive in rack system is a variant of drive in where lift trucks handle two pallets side by side at a time and place them concurrently on the load rails. This is used for limited applications on high volume applications.

Pallet Flow

In a pallet flow system the wooden pallet is placed in the rear of the system on a series of rollers; it is typically with a centrifugal braking system. The wooden pallets roll forward by gravity to the front of the system providing FIFO storage. Pallet flow systems can provide very high density. They are typically the most expensive option, require good quality pallets and require more maintenance for this pallet flow racking system.

Thank you.

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