Types of chimney repairs needed in Duluth

The thing to keep in mind is that it’s important to get regular inspections done every year so that potential fire hazards don’t build up to the point of needing a more expensive project that takes a long time to complete.

Masonry work — Chimney Solutions offers various restorations that can range from a small masonry repair or even starting from scratch. It can be one of the more intricate jobs that means having the knowledge of the different projects that include lining, firebox repair and tuckpointing — the process of removing the older mortar and applying new mortar for replacement.

Chimney Solutions also offers the older technique of parging, where the masonry surface is protected by a material that provides easy drafting and is done as a way of preventing the need of tuckpointing.

Chimney liners — Any chimney requires having a quality chimney liner, which can sometimes be overlooked when you start to consider all of the different components that make up a chimney. A bad liner can often be pointed out thanks to an annual inspection. Chimney Solutions go through the various issues that might pop up, including any cracks within the lining,blockages from things like creosote or parts of the liner deteriorating. Having a good liner means a better chance for a safe home with less fire risk.

Smoke chamber — This part is between the flue and the firebox can be a part of the chimney often forgotten about, which is not good considering that’s where most of chimney fires take place. This is because of a number of reasons like no parging being done properly by the original constructors.

Firebox repair — You don’t want any fire hazards within the firebox, which can make that warm and cozy fireplace a potentially uncontrollable blaze of flames — this can be caused by the deterioration of bricks, cracks along the interior lining and other signs of aging that will happen over the life of a fireplace. Sometimes, the folks at Chimney Solutions can apply new fire bricks and mortar inside of the original firebox for a safe fireplace usage.

Chimney waterproofing — Throughout the year, Mother Nature can place a tough beating on your chimney’s exterior and can wear it down over time — this is especially true if you live in Georgia where there might be a lot of rain during certain periods of the year. Easy signs that can show the need of getting waterproofing done is if the masonry is staining, if pieces of brick crumble from the chimney or there is noticeable degradation.

Chimney crowns — While we’re on the topic of parts that protect the rest of the chimney, it’s important to keep in mind that the chimney crown will keep out the weather from getting inside and from water damage. With enough water and condensation,cracks can eventually form within the interior masonry. Chimney Solutions can offer the application of a sealant on any crown cracks and even a complete rebuilding of the crown for chimneys that have some irreparable damage.

Fireplace restoration — Sometimes, there are so many problems with a chimney that it’s better to start with a clean slate, orat least replacing the parts that can’t be saved with sealant. Chimney Solutions can offer repair work of stone and bricks to replace the worn out masonry of the fireplace. There can also be replacements and restorations — including raising the hearth, inserting the fireplace and adding a mantel that surrounds the firebox.

Smoky fireplace — Having too much smoke coming from the fireplace can be quite a concern and can be caused by the chimney having issues with drafting or there could be a blockage caused by excessive soot or creosote. There might even be problems with the chimney’s design. All of these problems can be evaluated by having Chimney Solutions do an extensive inspection before finding what is causing the excess smoke.

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