COMPLIANCE EDUCATORS, LLC – My Personal Review – Complaint Free Experience!

My name is Kelly Palmer and my husband and I own a transport company in the city. We were contacted by a company called PRC Professionals around 2 months back. They told us about DOT compliance and the required training for our supervisors. They held quite a bit information about our company and that impressed me.

But we were in for a surprise and not a good one. We had been waiting for a call from PRC Professionals for over a week after having enrolled in their program and paid a lump sum amount. But nothing happened. We looked out for their emails as well but there was none. We called them as well but nobody answered. Even our emails went unanswered. This was a sure sign that we had been ripped off. We didn’t know what to do next. There wasn’t even any proof or any receipt of payment we made and we realized that later. How could we be so careless about it all!

We decided to search for more such people who had been scammed by PRC Professionals. Turned out there were plenty and they had robbed off a lot of similar transport companies, especially those who were new entrants into this business. They used to come up with discount schemes and quick results in exchange for an advance amount. Then they just vanished, stealing everyone’s hard earned money.

It was a harrowing experience and our $2000 was not coming back.

After a month or so we found out about Compliance Educators LLC. We were not going to take any chances with this one. We cross checked with everyone we knew in the industry including our old colleagues as well. We went through their reviews and stories shared by other clients and only then we contacted them. All we had to do was pay the nominal membership fee and that was it.

We were told that a certificate will be issued in our name upon the completion of the training. This happened pretty soon and it came as a big relief. We are very much satisfied and pleased with our experience with Compliance Educators. They are reliable, easy to work with and 100% legit and we have no complaints. They understand the transport industry like no other and they can be trusted completely. All I want to say in the end is that beware of scammers like the ones we were ripped off by. Pick a genuine and trustworthy firm such Compliance Educators for DOT compliance. We would highly recommend them any day!