How to Survive Flight Delays and Deal with Cancellation

Life is full of uncertainties and unpleasant last minute surprises like delayed flights and cancellations. So how do you deal with problems like these without flying off the handle?

Here are some travel tips to help you cope in those situations.

Know your Options

Know what your rights are in case your flight is delayed or canceled. Some airlines may give you a discount for an overnight stay at any nearby hotel. Some may book you on to the next flight. Other times, they’ll just give you a refund for your unused slot. Whatever the airlines can offer you in the worst possible scenario, it is always helpful to be aware of their policies ahead of time. That way, you’ll know what to ask or demand from them.

Keep your Phone Handy

Make sure that your mobile phone is within easy reach. You need it to get in touch with travel agencies, airlines, and hotel reservation sites. Most likely, you will have to call a friend and inform waiting family members about your situation.

Get Insurance

Some travelers may regard getting travel insurance as an unnecessary cost. However, in worst case scenarios, insurance can come in handy and there you’ll understand why travel insurance is worth your every penny.

Make Yourself Comfortable

It is definitely upsetting to be held back from attending an important appointment somewhere by an unforeseen event, but the best way to deal with it is to breathe calmly and keep a clear mind. Find a comfortable spot in the departure lounge, order some juice, take a deep breath and brandish out a novel to save you from boredom.

At this point, it is important that you are comfortably and appropriately dressed as you’ll never know when you’ll find yourself curling up on some bench in the airport. It is also advisable to layer up for protection from the cold.

Take a Stroll around the Airport

Take advantage of layovers by enjoying what’s around you. Explore your London Airport and discover shops, restaurants, and other interesting attractions.

Make a Friend

Having someone to talk to, especially if they share your sentiments, will ease your tension. Conversations help kill time.

Keep Yourself Entertained

If you prefer to keep to yourself, at least keep yourself entertained. Log on to social media, listen to music, or watch a good movie online. If you brought a sketch pad and pencil with you, then utilize your free time to do some doodling.

Keep Essentials in your Carry-on Luggage

Consider your carry-on luggage as your emergency kit. Everything that is important should be kept in that bag — extra clothes, towel, toiletries, and travel documents.

Eat and Drink

The long wait can also be draining even if you’re not really doing anything. So, make sure to hydrate and take a couple of healthy bites. In fact, eat like a king.

Stay at an Affordable Hotel

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