The Best Places in London to Spot Celebrities

If you happen to book at any of the hotels in North West London, do not worry as they are situated near plenty of must-visit places for tourists. There are many interesting things you can do in London and that includes celebrity spotting. After all, London is the world’s capital for theatre and the arts, so it’s no surprise if you bump into a famous person during your stay.

However, if you really want to increase your chances of seeing a celebrity during your holiday at hotels in Cricklewood London, the following places may be a good idea to start your celebrity hunting in London.

Cut at 45 Park Lane

One of the best steak restaurants in London, Cut at 45 serves a wide array of mouthwatering American and international beef cuts. If you are thinking of going for some steak and wine for dinner, Cut at 45 is the place to be. Located inside the Mayfair Dorchester hotel, Cut at 45 is stunning with soaring ceilings and sparkling chandeliers. Celebrities like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been known to frequent the place for its delectable dishes and beautiful ambiance.

Nobu Berkeley

Stars like Calvin Harris and Rita Ora have been known to haunt this place, obviously for its servings of delicious cuisines. This stylish Japanese fusion restaurant has a 12-seater sushi bar and its own Japanese wood-burning oven. This restaurant is fit for any glamorous celebrity celebration.

The Ivy

This restaurant is an ideal place for spotting celebrity. The Ivy is found inside Theatreland and has been a favorite haunt for music, sport, and film personalities like Victoria Beckham, David Beckham and Tom Cruise. The Ivy does not only serve traditional British cuisine, but it also has an eclectic menu of intercontinental dishes.

Julie’s Restaurant

Julie’s is a cozy and quaint-looking restaurant located in Notting Hill. Its maze of hidden alcoves and comfy cubbyholes makes the restaurant ideal for secluded dining. It’s no wonder stars like Joseph Fiennes, Geri Halliwell, and Rachel Stevens are drawn to this place. Apparently, Julie’s Restaurant has been serving celebrities with delicious European dishes and desserts for 30 years.

Chiltern Firehouse

Chiltern Firehouse is the latest of celebrity hang-outs. Famous personalities like Lindsay Lohan, Bradley Cooper and Prime Minister David Cameron have been seen to visit this lavish and exclusive brasserie. Chiltern Firehouse serves delicious American cuisine. It is run by Andre Balazs who also owns Chateau Marmont and Mercer Hotel in the United States of America.

The Wolseley

This grand cafe-restaurant in Piccadilly has beautiful interiors. Its dinner menu consists of mostly European classic dishes. The Wolseley serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner seven days a week. Famous celebrities like Sarah Ferguson and supermodel Lily Cole have been spotted in this place. If you want to go celebrity spotting in style, come to this restaurant.

Groucho Club

Party Venues North London provide all sorts of excellent party scenes for the wild at heart. However, if you want to rub elbows with a couple of celebrities at the same time, go to Groucho Club — an excellent members only club where Madonna celebrated her birthday in 1987. Getting in is hard and you’ll be required to switch off your phones and surrender your cameras to security to make sure that no one leaks any unbecoming celebrity photo to the public.