The Best Unheralded Museums in North London

Beyond the Jewish Museum and the Wellcome Collection, North London has many other great museums hidden in historic locations. These highlight the cultures that were borne out of London’s Jewish heritage and the city’s. You will also discover secrets of WW2 that even the bunkers of Westminster won’t reveal.

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Markfield Beam Engine & Museum

The stunning steam engine at the museum is adorned with Doric columns as well as acanthus leaves. It has 27’ tall flywheels. In the past, the majestic equipment pumped sewage for the town. It is now out of commission, but it remains in its engine house found in a tranquil park near the A10. Admission is free.

Whitewebb’s Museum of Transport

London has a wide array of modes of transport, and it also has a number of transport museums. While the one in Covent Garden may be more well-known, Whitewebb’s Museum in Enfield is also a must-visit. It has a lot of acquisitions that include vintage motorcycles, train carriage, and buses. Admission costs only £4.

2 Willow Road

Because of the grand Hampstead pergolas and Fenton house nearby, this property is frequently overlooked. However, if you are interested in 20th century architecture and art, you should find time to visit 2 Willow Road. The erstwhile home of Erno Goldfinger, the architect of Trellic Tower, it is London’s one and only modernist house that is open for the public to see. Admission price is £7.20/£3.60.

Keats House

Literary London is not all about Charles Dickens’ dark, dank city of hardship and inequality. It is also about the poetry of John Keats, a medical-student-turned-poet. Learn about Keats’ love letters and engagement ring he gave to his fiancée, the books in his library, and manuscripts of his writings. For £6.50, discover the life of the middle classes in early 18th century London.

The RAF Museum

Discover the significant role played by British planes in winning the world wars by sitting in the cockpit of a vintage Spitfire on display at the RAF Museum. The massive museum features halls of aircraft and hangars, and detailed exhibits about pioneers and pilots. You can also watch films and speeches. Admission is free.

Other must-see museums include Bruce Castle, Canal Museum, Freud Museum, and Ben Uri Gallery. Book a room at one of the hotels in North London as a day would not suffice to tour all the amazing museums the city has to offer.