It is a bit ridiculous to buy kitchenware for people in their 30s who probably already have most of…
L.M. Schulte

At this point, it’s totally about helping to defray the cost of a massive party! I know in my case, I basically had to stop all non-essential spending for a year to pay for my wedding, so a lot of the things I registered for were household goodies that I *would* have bought for myself, had I not been pouring every spare dime into a wedding!

For a long time, I’d sort of questioned the rationale behind wedding gifts, but yeesh, after having paid for a wedding, I’m a convert! Particularly for couples paying for their own weddings, there’s a really good chance they’d already have those All-Clad pans and Egyptian cotton sheets if they hadn’t just spent $15k on dinner for their dad’s coworkers and a bunch of third cousins.

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