Weddings Cost Money For Everyone
Megan Reynolds

Do people serve fancy wine at weddings?

I mean, I guess some people do, but I’d say 95% of my friends served cheap wine. Paying for 100 bottles of $150 a bottle wine is just insane, and honestly, nobody goes to a wedding to savor the exquisite wine.

My problem with “advice” like this bride’s is that finding a wedding venue that will allow you to bring your own alcohol is really tough. Sure, it *can* save you a lot of money on alcohol, but it also really limits you on venues. Frequently, you’ll end up spending that money elsewhere: Either in the form of a heftier rental fee for the venue (they’re going to make their money somewhere, and if they aren’t making it on the alcohol, they’re going to charge more elsewhere), or in decorations and rentals to make some random non-traditional space appropriate for a wedding reception.

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