Not Everyone Who Wants to Travel Internationally Can Afford It
Megan Reynolds

I seriously HATE the judgment surrounding people who don’t prioritize travel!

I’m fortunate enough to basically be middle class — I can pay for all of my needs, and the occasional want. I suppose that if I were willing to drive a 15 year old car and work overtime for the next six months, I could afford to travel to distant countries. And, if someone gave me a million dollars next week, by all means, I’d treat myself to a nice vacation somewhere that’s not in the continental 48.

BUT…it’s just not that big of a priority. Right now, if I scrimped and saved to make a big trip happen, I’d spend the entire time stressed out and miserable thinking about how I should have kept the money in savings, or how I could have used a fraction of that money and visited several dear friends who I don’t get to see as often as I’d like because of distance. The fact that those things matter more to me than seeing far off countries doesn’t make me a bad person, or even unenlightened or closed minded. We all value different things, and personally, I value my work-life balance, savings, and time for family/friends more than I value seeing the world. It’s okay for other people to have different priorities, but I find it terribly ironic when acquaintances imply that I’M narrow minded for not prioritizing travel the way they do!

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