Someone creative enough to relabel wine bottles will be able to be similarly innovative and…
Sharon Pelletier

Is re-labeling wine bottles really that creative? I’m pretty sure it’s all over Pinterest.

I don’t know, it really all just depends. Before I got married last year, I was OBSESSED with all of those articles about creative things people did to save money on their weddings. And then, when it actually came time to plan my real life wedding (as opposed to my Pinterest fantasy wedding), it turned out that having a slightly generic country club wedding was actually quite a bit cheaper than any of the more “resourceful” alternatives. I think the bar charged me $10 a bottle for their cheapest wine, which, while that definitely involved a bit of markup on their part, wasn’t bad. Their food prices were similar in terms of markup, and renting the space for the entire night was like, $500, and included all of the tables/chairs/linens/plates/glasses/etc.

It makes for boring advice, but honestly, the best way to save money on a wedding is to just be pretty flexible about things. Often, a willingness to look at the venues in a less exclusive suburb, or to re-use your friend’s centerpiece vases will end up saving you a lot more money than re-labeling grocery store wine ever could.

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