I got to a point during wedding planning where I would get so annoyed at all the completely…

Oh my gosh, yes!!! That had to be the ultimate gem of bad wedding planning advice!

I mean, heck, I have a decent start over lots of people in that department — I do, at least, have a house and a somewhat decently sized backyard, but still, heck to the nope. (1) My house and yard are not particularly attractive. They aren’t hideous or anything, but still, nothing about a split level on 3/4 an acre of flat suburbia screams “romantic wedding”. (2) Even if I did somehow think that sounded romantic, I do not have tables/chairs/linens/cups/plates/silverware/napkins/etc. for 100 lying around. Renting all that stuff is not cheap. (3) I’m pretty sure my driveway was not designed with parking for 100 in mind. (4) I can’t control the weather, so that means planning for either a tent or being prepared to move that many people inside my sad little house. Tents are definitely not cheap, and if 3/4 an acre of flat suburbia didn’t sound romantic, 2,000 sq. feet of sad tract house is even less romantic. Also, someone would probably have to eat in the shower to fit everyone inside.

And you know, I’d still have to worry about things like caterers and a band.

I guess a backyard wedding might work if you’re planning on only having six guests or something, but if you’re only having six guests, most things are affordable!

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