Honestly, it’s probably really great to complete a set for the couple.

The only hard part is that sometimes it’s sooo hard to know what the must-haves are! One couple may totally need sheets and towels to replace the ratty ones their parents bought at Walmart 20 years ago and passed down to them, while another may already have pretty great sheets and towels, but registered for an extra set because “that’s what you’re supposed to put on a registry”!

For the most part, I preferred getting the indulgences over the must-haves, simply because I knew I was eventually going to buy any must-haves that I didn’t get, but while my wedding was sort of a one shot deal for the indulgences. I may not be rolling in dough, but I’m not so broke I won’t ever scrape up the money for new sheets. On the other hand, I’m pretty sure my poor husband would have a heart attack if I actually went out and ordered a Tiffany wine decanter or $70 needlepoint coasters.