Self-care needs to be about more than “treating yourself.”
Ally G

Yesss!!!! Honestly, so much of this is about balance — is it bad “self care” to go to Starbucks a couple of times a month? Of course not! Is it okay to ignore one friend’s drunken, rambling 2 AM text when you’ve already had a long Monday? Heck yes!

But should you start going to Starbucks AND Panera AND Sephora every day in the name of self care? Unless you’ve got Oprah money, no, probably not. Should you start ignoring important emails from your boss since answering those emails makes you feel unhappy? Not unless you think becoming a hobo WILL make you happy!

I love that we’re talking about self care, and acknowledging that sometimes it IS okay to put oneself first, but some people seem to think self care is just a magic Get Out of Jail Free card for buying all of the things, and ignoring all of the unpleasant tasks.

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