Sabal Palm: King of All Palms

Palm trees and sabal palms are very popular among home decorators and landscaping professionals. This is because of the look and style that these trees provide to make the garden beautiful. Sabal palms are the best choice if you want to give your garden a tropical appearance and increase its aesthetic value. People who see the garden with palms feel like they are in desert. Listed below are some palm trees that you can opt for.

Bismarck Palm is also prevalent to Madagascar. These palms are taller and can reach the maximum height of 55 to 65 feet, while it can spread maximum to 15–20 feet. Bismarck palm are looks very appealing and beautiful, if you have a small yard where you want to install palm, then you should not consider it as it is over sized.

Triangle Palm is prevalent in Madagascar, this is a triangle look palm and looks amazing, but various parts of this palm tree are poisonous and can harm to human and animals. These triangle palms are available in abundance because its seed takes only 2 months to sprout. These plants are not very taller and can reach only the height of 20–25 feet. If you are staying in a cold area then you should not use this palm tree in your hut as it can’t tolerate cold.

Queen Palm is generally seen in sunny places and can be tall up to 50 feet. These palms can stand against cold, heat and any other weather conditions. Due to the spread, these are not suitable to install in small yards and gardens.

Needle Palms are popular in cold regions due to its cold tolerance capacity. It can bear the cold up to 0 to -10 degrees. These plants are considered as the strongest palms and can be used in any place, whether cold or hot. Due to its height of 10 feet, it can used in small yard and gardens.

Windmill Palm is famously called as Chinese windmill palm as it is prevalent to native Chinese region. When it comes to its leaves, these are used to make cloths, sacks, and ropes in China for a strength and sturdiness of the object.

Sabal Palm is the most famous among tiki hut designers and owners. They can gain the maximum height up to 70 feet and can stand against any weather. They generally grow in the half shed areas. If you are willing to construct a tiki hut, then you should look no further than sabal palms.

These are the palms you can opt for. While options are many, Sabal palms are the finest that you should go for.

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